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Problems of installation Debain

Dear Sir/Madam,

I download the binary1-nonus iso image but cannot install debian,

Two critical problems.

1. After using this cd, report invalue partition, I had already wins98
I partition a part to install Debian, but reports problem to my
harddisk, even if I already
using partition magic to do and then use the cd, I had not do thing, but
it also destroy
something in mbr, so can't boot OS anymore.

2. Cannot install Debian, because in the phase of install kernel and
modules, the install program
cannot go to the cd the run rescue.bin and boot.bin, even if I poing to
right directory on cd that
contain image-1.44 which contain the right things need to install.

What can I do ?

How to install ?

These two problem is important to use Debian.
I check the checksum md5sum of the iso file, correct.

Please advice.

Leo Hon

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