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Re: cd image for other hardware - where?

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Peter [ISO-8859-1] Köllner wrote:

> i would need debian2.2 for sun 64bit ultra and arm machines. unfortunately, 

(There is a yet-unreleased Debian port to UltraSparc, but those machines seem
to run 'normal' Sparc software well, too. Both 'normal' Sparc and Arm ports
are released in Debian 2.2, and CD images are available.)

> there seem to be no cd vendors offering those, and a download is out of the 
> question right now. could someone point me to a source where i could get
> the matching binary distributions? thanks.

Mezzo.net seems to be in Spain, but with a German webpage. On
several Spanish vendors are listed, but their webpages don't seem very
informative (if existant at all). So I guess you'll have to order abroad. On
mentioned page several vendors are listed as shipping internationally or
`Europe only', choose one of them.

  Anne Bezemer

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