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Re: cd-images psuedo package

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000, Michael Beattie wrote:

> I have created a pseudo package, "cd-images" for the BTS that points to this
> list as the maintainer.
> avoids the need for dist-specific packages. (slink-cd, potato-cd, whatever)
> It was requested via a bug report to ftp.d.o, so I made it so.
> If you want the package name changed, or the maintainer string modified,
> please mail me. (before any bugs are filed if for a package name change)

I think it would be more uniform to rename that pseudo-package to
"cdimage.debian.org" (like www.d.o and ftp.d.o). Objections anyone?

This pseudo-package would then cover everything related to cdimage.d.o, like
the CD images themselves, tools to make them (slink-cd/debian-cd whatever, if
only to provide a "redirect point"), the cdimage.d.o webpages, mirror lists
and programs supplied to download/mirror the images. 

  Anne Bezemer

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