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Updated check-debian-cd

check-debian-cd is a shell script for quick checking of Debian CD images
after  having burnt them,  and for  checking of  Debian CD  images after
having rsync'ed them.  It is released under GNU GPL.  Simple usage:

looks in /dev/cdrom and cheks the disc.  Or:

      check-debian-cd binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso
checks the image.  You can give any number of images as arguments.

Checking is  done using  the md5sum program,  and comparing  the results
with an  internal database of  sums.  The program  automatically detects
the  image, because  the internal  database contains  signatures  of the
Debian CDs.   If the  signature is not  found in the  internal database,
check-debian-cd  looks in  the  current and  parent  directories for  an
MD5SUMS file (or  one can be provided with an  option), and compares the
hash generated by md5sum with all those found in the MD5SUMS files.

Comments  and  bug  reports  welcome.   The  latest  version  is  always
available at ftp://fly.cnuce.cnr.it/pub/software/unix/check-debian-cd.

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