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Re: cool CD cover art

On Sat, 16 Sep 2000 mads@buus.net wrote:

> Are there any plans for making an official CD cover?, or some thoughts
> on what a official cover should at least contain?

There are no plans (at least at this moment); and I don't think official
covers would be used often. AFAIK especially large vendors like to produce
their own covers with some advertisement or the like. And usually that's
designed by some graphics dept. that usually runs MacOS, and prints at a much
higher resolution (preferably in vector format).

Apart from that, I suppose each end every cover should contain the words
"Debian GNU/Linux", the version number, binary/source, architecture,
disk-number and either "Official" or "Unofficial" depending on the source of
the image. And possibly a reference to www.debian.org, maybe a short
explanation like "Debian = Linux distro, Linux = OS" and system requirements
like "can be installed on any Intel/IBM-compatible PC, 386, 486, Pentium
processors or clones, min. 12MB RAM, 64 MB on harddisk, support for very
many assorted devices".

  Anne Bezemer

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