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Re: cool CD cover art

Hi Helmut,

I've uploaded the CD cover artwork files to:

Helmut Kolb wrote:
> my situation is a bit different. i have a little private mirror of
> unstable (woody), which i use in my home network. from time to time
> people want a cd, and i provide them these unstable cd's.
> it would look great, if i could provide nice looking cd's - a label
> for the cd self would also be perfect - and same art for the cover,
> like yours.

Actually I will do a back-cover soon, but not likely a label for the CD
I've never really figured that round-sticker-printing-stuff, but 
you're most welcome (note that a hole i the middle could ruin the nice

> but simple question: in this xcf format, is it posible to replace the
> "2.2" and "potato" strings by "2.3" and "woody"?
> that would be a partly solution...

Yes, it is. I've used the Gimp1.1 package. Each text line is on its own
so you can easily change the text.


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