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Re: .raw naming

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> On 11 Aug 2000, Philip Hands wrote:
> > Speaking of which, I think I'll destroy the slink CD images now, and
> > create a potato_test hierarchy, with the TC3 images in it so that the
> > mirrors can sync up before the official CD run --- any objections?
> Yes, I think Debian should *always* have stable CDs available. If you
> destroy current slink images there will be none.

Well, they'll be around on mirrors for a while I'd imagine.

> I'd like to see a new slink point release and "last" new CD slink
> images before that. Remember that TeX in the current CD images for
> slink is broken by the infamous time bomb. People will remember our
> inability to fix important problems like this if we do not ship a last
> set of fixed CD images for slink, I think this would be a shame for
> the project.

Presumably the fix is available for download, in which case I don't
see what the problem is.

> I was told a new slink point release was required before new CD images
> could be generated. Unfortunately ftp.debian.org maintainers do not
> want, or are not able to do more slink point releases.

Exactly, and I must say I agree with them.  I have no intention of
releasing images that would exist on the mirrors for less time than it
took the mirrors to download them, and would be of no use to anyone

CDs are always out of date almost the instant that they are produced,
so judging the validity of the distribution on the basis of the
freshness of the CDs is pointless.

If anyone is foolish enough to make that sort of judgement, then I'd
say their opinion pretty much without value.

Given that the symlink change on the archive is imminent, I'm going to
go ahead with removing the slink images.

Cheers, Phil.

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