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Re: [sanvila@unex.es: Bug#68477: apt-cdrom confused by symlinks.]

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> On the other hand, if this is possible with the current debian-cd
> package (for example by using additional command line arguments or
> variables), then those additional arguments or options should be
> actually used by the people creating the CD images for Debian (and
> this is regardless of whatever debian-cd defaults to for the "user who
> does not know what is doing", I think we all agree that the persons
> who create the official CDs for Debian should be in the set of people
> who "know what they are doing").

I don't really care about the symlinks that end up existing on the
CDs, but if you are suggesting that we make trivial changes to the
contents of the CDs at the last moment, just for tidiness's sake, then
I strongly object.

Almost every time there is a problem creating the images, it is the
result of some trivial change.  We were bitten by the frozen -->
stable transition before, which is why all the symlinks exist today.

If we can make it so that the tools like APT all use the real distro
code name, then we can look at fixing this at some point in the
future, but I'm really not interested in doing things that might cause
problems this close to release when there is nothing terribly bad
about the status quo.

Cheers, Phil.

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