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Re: CD scripts for TC3?

On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 09:47:10PM +0100, Anthony Towns wrote:
>How're the CD scripts for TC3 going? Did the plans for a common CD 1
>for US and non-US pan out? Are they bootable for all the architectures
>they're meant to be? Is there anything significant that needs to be done
>for them than to point them at a final TC3 archive and hit enter?

I don't think so - I've been successfully making CDs for quite a while
using the latest debian-cd stuff from CVS. <fx: waits for chorus of
problem reports>. Once the new boot-floppies are in I should be able
to get new images on the go for (hopefully) all architectures very

>For reference there's still a couple of packages that're causing delays,
>so we're not quite ready yet, but hopefully in a day or two.

OK, cool. Give us a shout when things appear to be settled.

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