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Re: Updated forcd1

Previously J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> forcd1: When we discussed kernel-source not long ago, Raphael said that anyone
> could commit such little changes. When I saw it hadn't been done yet, I did
> it myself.

Forcing new application on CD 1 is not a `little thing'. And if you
do that for applications like aptitude and gnome-apt which very few
people use and are of beta-quality (gnome-apt has a big warning that
it may destroy your system even) I'm temtped to call it bad judgement

> And then, it's CVS, so anyone can see what I changed and why, and undo/modify
> my changes if necessary. (CVS has so many useful features that so few people
> use...)

True, however this late in the release process it's not that difficult
to miss such a change and discover that too late.


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