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Pseudo Image

(my appologies to anne for sending her this message directly)

Sorry to bother the list again, however I am still having troulbe
dowloading the pseudo-image with the pseudo-image kit.
I have attempted about 15 dowloads on several servers, each time
everything seems to run smoothly (no .warnings file) however the image
that is created is only 2,610kb rather than about 610MB.
I have tried several dowloads of the .list file to make sure it was not
that (saving as binary material) to no avail.
Because of sh.exe errors I am using an http server not an ftp? maybe this
is a problem?

In any case, I was wondering if there is a more direct route to dowloading
an image (rather than make-image and rsync)

Thank you for your time.
Conrad D. Seaman

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