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Re: Pseudo Image

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Conrad Delbert Seaman wrote:

> (my appologies to anne for sending her this message directly)

["him" rather, but that's no problem ;-]

> Sorry to bother the list again, however I am still having troulbe
> dowloading the pseudo-image with the pseudo-image kit.
> I have attempted about 15 dowloads on several servers, each time
> everything seems to run smoothly (no .warnings file) however the image
> that is created is only 2,610kb rather than about 610MB.
> I have tried several dowloads of the .list file to make sure it was not
> that (saving as binary material) to no avail.
> Because of sh.exe errors I am using an http server not an ftp? maybe this
> is a problem?

I really don't understand. Can you send me a pseudo-image.log file of such an
attempted download? (Most useful would be of a first-time session, i.e. with
no pseudo-image* files in the dir)

> In any case, I was wondering if there is a more direct route to dowloading
> an image (rather than make-image and rsync)

Yep, we now have an FTP/HTTP mirror in Germany, check

  Anne Bezemer

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