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Re: powerpc cd images

> > Ok, in that case m68k definitely doesn't need it. No need to rebuild the
> > m68k images for that.

> Wait wait wait. Two or three things. dmesg is in, Nick? In the current
> potato version? I'd like to have that in the CDs (nice to have, but not
> _needed_).

As many things as you like, all I meant is we don't need to rebuild the
CDs just to have hfsutils bless something that's not even used in the m68k
As I understand it, PPC boots by creating a fake system folder containing
a fake system file that gets executed by the MacOS ROM but really is the
Linux bootstrap. Such a thing was never implemented for m68k as we need a 
fully initialized MacOS there in order to gather the necessary system
information to pass to the booter. 


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