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Re: powerpc cd images

On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 09:47:18AM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > > so I'm not sure it truely matters. What is hfsutils used for, I thought
> > > mkhybrid takes care of these things? 
> > 
> > hfsutils is used to set an attribute that mkhybrid doesn't cover: blessing
> > the boot file.
> Ok, in that case m68k definitely doesn't need it. No need to rebuild the
> m68k images for that.
Wait wait wait. Two or three things. dmesg is in, Nick? In the current
potato version? I'd like to have that in the CDs (nice to have, but not
The StartInstall scripts for grafic cards are in, but they _need_ to go into
the m68k images as well.
For amiga a wrong kernel-image was used in the boot-floppies, thats why one
or two people complained they could not boot. The scripts were not fool
proof, I am building a new set, this _should_ go in, since otherwise a large
number of users would be excluded (2 and counting).
In this new build I am moving files from mac/install (Penguin stuff) one dir
up, add dmesg[.readme] and, if I get a text, add a new mac install.txt.
Is it ok to have a bf set with the same verion (it will get the date apended
if its installed)?
Can we do the symlink magic to same some space then, Nick? _After_ that has
been installed, not now.

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