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RE: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

> Also available is disks-m68k/current, which is nearly a duplicate of the
> install directory, at least at the moment. The only important thing that
> seems to be missing in install is base2_2.tgz (plus images1.44,
> plus source plus a few text files).

The only things I placed in the install directory were the things needed to
bootstrap the installation i.e. docs, bootstrap loaders, kernels, root
filesystem images, and floppy disk images. Other things such as base2_2.tgz
and drivers.tgz are not needed here because dbootstrap automatically takes
them from the disks-m68k/current directory.

> complete, only an install.info (icon) file, which could simply be
> a copy of amiga.info, would be nice to have, so people can start the
> installation with a few mouse clicks.

I can fix this, but do you mean that the amiga.info file that is in root
directory of CD1 needs to be renamed to install.info?


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