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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

> > rsync
> I downloaded the m68k-1 image from there (wondered a little why the size
> differs from the files size on auric...). 

Could you give the full name of the image file? I'd like to check if
there's a Mac HFS partition on the CD by loopback mounting it. 

> Also available is disks-m68k/current, which is nearly a duplicate of the
> install directory, at least at the moment. The only important thing that
> seems to be missing in install is base2_2.tgz (plus images1.44, plus source
> plus a few text files).

That would be not too bad as long as the installer knows where to look for
base2_2.tgz. base2_2 isn't needed on the AmigaOS/TOS/MacOS side so having
it _somewhere_ on the ISO partition of the CD is OK. 

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