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Sh.exe Error when creating cd-image

I am attempting to download the cd images for debian from
and or

in both cases the /dists directories exist on the ftp,
I have followed the directions to a "T" in the Readme.txt that comes
with the pseudo-image package

when I start the program to get the image it reads the .list file then
creates an error on the first (and all) uses of sh.exe

is "ERROR: sh.exe has performed an illegal opperation"

I am running windows 98 currently to obtain the packages,
I also recieve the error at start-up, 
bash.exe could not fine /tmp  please create
(but execution continues)

execution also continues when sh.exe fails,
but because of dowload errors I am assuming the build of the cd image
would fail (if I had the patience to close sh.exe each time it failed)

is there something I am missing?
or is there an error with the package?

Conrad D. Seaman

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