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Re: Updated non-free patch

On 8 Jun 2000, Philip Hands wrote:

> I've got room to do more than one test-cycle-2 set, so I guess I could
> do a USexportable set initially, and then try for a combined US/non-US
> one after that.  Any thoughts?

for us mirrors out in the wide world who really aren't involved in the
process but are just an alternate (faster/cheaper) geographic site to
download from instead of cdimage..

if you are producing test-cycle-2, will there be a high degree of commonality
with the test-cycle-1 images ?  i am just working out the rsync bill to
update at present... 

also, will you be replacing test-cycle-1 images (i hope!) or setting up
a separate test-cycle-2 (i don't have the disk space or can afford the
time/money to maintain 2 separate sets)

lastly, the test-cycle currently has i386, alpha, sparc and source - will
there be any other arches images being produced on the basis that the
test-cycle-2 is much closer to `final release' 2.2 images ?  so when you
go live (which is about when?) i can have pre-mirrored most of the data
and rely on rsync updates to quickly have full release images available.



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