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Re: boot-floppies status?

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Richard Braakman wrote:

> Just to make sure that we're all in sync: I'm currently waiting for 2.2.15
> disk sets to be uploaded for each architecture.  I'm under the impression
> that these are being built, and that they are necessary to start the
> second test phase.  Is that correct?
> I have heard that the m68k set will take at least till Sunday, mainly
> because of compilation time.
> Will it be possible to use the new kernel 2.2.15-2 (currently in Incoming),
> or is it too late for that?

Excellent! That's the way to do it ;-)

FYI, I won't be doing anything like this for this cycle. That means that "the
CD people" will be waiting for your word to start creating the official
test-cycle-2 images. It also means that there won't be CD images if we don't
hear from you. Just to be 100% clear about the situation ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

PS. The CD images are created one arch at a time (only source is usually
coupled with i386), so it won't be a problem to say "Go create images, except
for m68k" or the like. However, if you want to wait till everything is ready,
that's obviously okay, too.

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