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Re: Debian CD-image

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Peter Myers wrote:

> Anne and Peter:
> Thanks for the fast replies. I guess I forgot to say I am using the Pseudo-Image
> Kit version 2 under Windoze, Windows 98, PIII 600, SCSI everything.
> As an experiment I tried renaming some of the local files to what is on the
> binary-sparc-1.list and I received a lot less warnings and "files not found".
> The make-pseudo-image appears to be case sensitive and does not use the
> translation tables.

I did some more investigation, and it appears that the Sparc CDs are the only
ones without Joliet (=long filenames for Win). So you get the DOS (8.3) names
which obviously don't match the .list files.

Phil (if you're looking ;-) : this should be corrected before 2.1_r5.

> I followed your suggestion to use the  2.1r2 image as pseudo-image, and just skip
> make-pseudo-image. I could not get this to work

On Win systems, you've got to use a CD-ripping/burning program, that can
re-make an .iso file of the CD. (And that .iso must have 2048 bytes/sector
WITHOUT checksum info (which gives 2352(?) bytes))  That .iso should be named
binary-sparc-1.iso before starting the rsync as indicated in the README.

Of course, if you still have the checksum-error-image of 2.1r4, you could also
try to use that as the base file for rsync.

The rsync sites ftp.eecs.umich.edu::debian-cd/ and
sunsite.org.uk::public/packages/debian-cd/ are known to be (mostly) up-to-date
and fast, so you might try them as well.

> My note about one file at a time using "make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-1.list
> ftp://kernel.org/pub/mirrors/debian
> follows the note shown when starting make-pseudo-image about rsync being modified
> to handle only one file at a time. Perhaps the rsync program in Windoze could
> have an option for number of files to transferee at a time. I often download 10+
> files at a time with no lose in speed.

Are we talking about the same thing here? The make-pseudo-image program
constructs one file named "pseudo-image" from lots of files it gets via
FTP/HTTP/local disk. After you rename "pseudo-image" to, say,
"binary-sparc-1.iso", you start the rsync program to `update' your home-brew
.iso file to the official one, that's only _one_ file (there's no need for
more, and it's not possible either). make-pseudo-image is something very
different than rsync. Maybe it's an idea to re-read the (entire) README;
please ask if you don't understand some part of it.

If you still experience problems, please tell me exactly what commands you
typed, and what exactly got printed on screen.

  Anne Bezemer

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