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Re: Debian CD-image

Anne and Peter:

Thanks for the fast replies. I guess I forgot to say I am using the Pseudo-Image
Kit version 2 under Windoze, Windows 98, PIII 600, SCSI everything.
As an experiment I tried renaming some of the local files to what is on the
binary-sparc-1.list and I received a lot less warnings and "files not found".
The make-pseudo-image appears to be case sensitive and does not use the
translation tables.

I followed your suggestion to use the  2.1r2 image as pseudo-image, and just skip
make-pseudo-image. I could not get this to work
My note about one file at a time using "make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-1.list
follows the note shown when starting make-pseudo-image about rsync being modified
to handle only one file at a time. Perhaps the rsync program in Windoze could
have an option for number of files to transferee at a time. I often download 10+
files at a time with no lose in speed.
I am currently trying rsync again to use a ftp site to retrieve the files. It is
very slow compared to a straight ftp.

Any help would and is most appreciated. Thanks

Peter Myers
"J.A. Bezemer" wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Peter Myers wrote:
> > I too am having problems getting rsync to work for me. I like the idea
> > of only updating the changed parts of a file(s). I am on a "cable
> > connection" and often get 40 to 60 kbs.
> > I have SparcStation1's and Lx's so there is only Redhat and Debian. I
> > bought from LinuxCentral a set of CD's Release 2.1 and didn't get either
> > machine to work.
> > I was able to download the ISO image of 2.1_r2 from a site in the UK,
> > which is now password protected, and with these new images able to get
> > Debian working.
> > When 2.1_r4 was released I decided to give rsync a try. Rather than
> > download the files again I assumed the disks I have, r2 and r4m, would
> > only need updating.
> > I first tried using the CD's as my local directory. 10,000 warnings! I
> > copied the CD to a local hard drive, 10,000 warning the same "files not
> > found"
> > On investigation. the current binary-sparc-1.list downloaded from
> > ftp.kernel.org does not match the CD's (official ?). I am not sure if
> > the rsync program is case sensitive, but the CD's have all directories
> > starting with Upper Case, the file list lower case. The directories on
> > the CD's show under Main, Binary-a , Binary-s, and Disks-sp instead of
> > Binary-all, Binary-sparc, and Disks-sparc.
> Ah, I see the problem. You're mounting the CDs in a way that the "RockRidge
> extensions" are not recognized. Try "mount -o nojoliet /dev/cdrom /cdrom". If
> the RockRidge extensions are interpreted correctly, the filenames on the CD
> should exactly match the .list files.
> Alternatively, you can try the Pseudo-Image Kit under Windoze, which is case
> insensitive for filenames.
> You can also take the 2.1r2 image as pseudo-image, and just skip
> make-pseudo-image, however this is less efficient.
> >   When I tried
> > "make-pseudo-image binary-sparc-1.list
> > ftp://kernel.org/pub/mirrors/debian";  I just ended up downloading each
> > and every file at a much slower pace than a straight ftp to get the
> > files.
> Especially on a Linux box, it should not be any slower than straight ftp,
> because the download continues in the background to a maximum of 25 files in
> advance, while the pseudo-image is being created.
> >   After about 4 tries each ending at about 50% completion and 6-8
> > hours each, always ending with an "Unexpected EOF" message. I tried to
> > download an ISO image. The checksum was bad but I burnt it anyway as I
> As mentioned in the docs, you can easily continue=restart the pseudo-image
> generation (i.e. you don't have to start all over again). But the "Unexpected
> EOF" message seems a little strange to me.
> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer

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