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Re: .list files for pseudo-image generation of potato

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000, Marc Haber wrote:

> I would like to install potato on a machine that does not have a free
> internet connection. However, I do have a "free" internet connection
> available at work, but they don't have Debian there (yet, I'm working
> on that).
> After I finally found cdimage.debian.org (it's well hidden ;-) ), I
> was quite impressed by the comfortable way the pseudo-image-package
> offers to build Debian CD's even on windoze boxes. However, I did not
> find .list files for potato on the server.
> Is there a way to use the pseudo-image-package to build a potato CD
> from a ftp mirror server that I have nearby? Or do I have to bring a
> Debian box on line to be able to use cdimage? Any hints will be
> appreciated.

AFAIK, there are currently no .list files available for potato images. On a
Linux box, you can create them yourself, see the procedure on

But I think you'd better wait one to two weeks for the official potato test
images, that will have pre-made .list files.

  Anne Bezemer

PS: At the moment, the only Official Potato images are on
  http://disney.go.com/worldsofdisney/toystory/index.html   ;-)

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