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Re: Potato test CDs

> The Pseudo-Image Kit for Windows
> (http://cdimage.debian.org/~costar/pseudo-image-kit/)
> contains the rsync program that can update any "approximate" image to the
> "real" one. You can either use make-pseudo-image to create an "approximate"
> image, or you can use your older potato image. These days, the former is
> likely to be the fastest, as the archive is changing much. BUT I don't have a
> "isoinfo" program for Windows, so making the required .list file is going to
> be a problem. So updating your older image is the easiest way to go. Or wait
> patiently for the "official" potato test images that are likely to appear in
> one or two weeks, for these will have .list files available.

Ok, waiting a couple of weeks is not a problem. I'll tinker with the
Windows kit as well.  

> The README is not available as a separate file, for psychological reasons.
> However, I'm currently considering changing that, but I don't know yet if I'll
> do it.

What I'm saying is that the README is a very nice explanation, and had I
known about it from the beginning, I probably wouldnt have made my

> > freshmeat.net. It pointed me right to the ISO directory - I can't recall
> > if I was given any hints on the image kit whatsoever. I would imagine
> > many of the downloaders of the big files are in the same boat. 
> For those interested: search for "Debian" in section "news" (not
> "application index"!).

Clearly rsync IS mentioned, further proving my slow learning curve. In my
defense, it also mentions that they are available via FTP. 

Don't get me wrong on this subject. I'm NOT attempting to say that I
*should* be able to download huge amounts of data at no expense. 

I am saying that the alternatives could be a little more visible. 


> Regards,
>   Anne Bezemer
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