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Re: Potato test CDs

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Douglas Baker wrote:

> I'll openly admit I'm one of the idiots that downloaded an ISO or few. I'm
> open to being enlightened, however. I only run potato at home - and the
> Internet connection is a modem. I do have a nice connection at work, but
> no Linux box. Just a Windows laptop that I can transfer large amounts of
> data to and from work. 
> If there is some way in which I can use the image kit to update my potato
> CDs from a Windows machine, please tell me! It is my understanding that I
> *can* do this with "official" images.

The Pseudo-Image Kit for Windows
contains the rsync program that can update any "approximate" image to the
"real" one. You can either use make-pseudo-image to create an "approximate"
image, or you can use your older potato image. These days, the former is
likely to be the fastest, as the archive is changing much. BUT I don't have a
"isoinfo" program for Windows, so making the required .list file is going to
be a problem. So updating your older image is the easiest way to go. Or wait
patiently for the "official" potato test images that are likely to appear in
one or two weeks, for these will have .list files available.

> Is the README for the Pseduo-Image kit posted anywhere easily visible
> http://cdimage.debian.org? It explained quite a bit to me that I was
> unaware of - more info than in the FAQ or menus. I think this should
> really be up front for us to read. If it is, well, I guess I didnt look
> hard enough. 

The README is not available as a separate file, for psychological reasons.
However, I'm currently considering changing that, but I don't know yet if I'll
do it.

> Finally, I originally discovered the Potato images for the Hungary site on
> freshmeat.net. It pointed me right to the ISO directory - I can't recall
> if I was given any hints on the image kit whatsoever. I would imagine
> many of the downloaders of the big files are in the same boat. 

For those interested: search for "Debian" in section "news" (not
"application index"!).

  Anne Bezemer

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