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Hi all,

I have finally got ahold of some Debian CDs so I sat down today and
improved the APT CD handling somewhat, fixed a bunch of little things, but
the most important is that CD swapping now works as I had originally
intended it [ie minimal swaps].

Simulations on some of my package sets here show that the largest number
of swaps you have to do on a hamm -> slink upgrade is 3, the 'chain' looks
like this:

libc6/libc5 -> libtiff3 -> libtiff3g

Each arrow is an unadvoidable disk exchange. Basically it seems whoever
ordered these disks did not consider conflicts so APT is forced to take an
extra swap to install the two tiff libraries. The same deal applies to all
of the libc5 compatibility libraries on the second disk. (jpeg is also

I also touched things up so that /'s and :'s can be in the CD label,
before APT had to convert them to _'s.. Now [] and " are the only reserved
characters, don't use them in labels!

This is all in CVS, I'll put up a deb in http://www.debian.org/~jgg/
( tomorrow sometime.

I'm going to see if I can get it to auto-eject/un-eject the CD during
media swaps and then that should finish it off quite nicely.. Extensive
testing during potato will be required I'm sure :>


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