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Re: How is it decided what packages go on what CD?

Le Mon, Dec 27, 1999 at 11:18:30PM +0000, Philip Charles écrivait:
> Is this list based on the boot-floppies
> .../scripts/basedisks/newtasks/tasks-*.ctl files?

No it should be based on the popularity-contest ... Martijn can you give
me a raw list of packages sorted by popularity (without dependency
checking since I already do it in debian-cd) ?

> If all the packages listed here could be included on the first CD then the
> CD could be a stand-alone disc with all the preselected tasks included on
> it.  Ideal for newbies to Debian.
> If necessary I could prepare this list.

Don't you understand that we already include all the possible packages
listed in task-* packages in the first CD ? If you don't know why, check
tasks/Debian_potato in the debian-cd tree.

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