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debian-cd (yacs) and the 2.2.3 (i386) boot-disks

A couple of suggestions to make the new 2.2.3 boot-i386 disks work
with debian-cd for potato (yacs) 

[or debian-cd to work with the new bootdisks] ;-)

In /usr/share/debian-cd/tools/potato/installtools.sh

 $ diff installtools.sh  installtools.sh.orig
 < # 23-dec-99 /main/disks-$ARCH/current/documentation changed to doc
 < cd $BDIR/1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/doc
 > cd $BDIR/1/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/documentation

in /usr/share/debian-cd/tools/boot/potato/boot-i386 :

 rac2:/usr/share/debian-cd/tools/boot/potato# diff boot-i386 boot-i386.orig
 < # couple of changes for 2.2.x bootdisks -- jwest
 < echo -n "-J -b boot/rescue.bin -c boot/boot.catalog boot1" > 1.mkisofs_opts
 > echo -n "-J -b boot/resc2880.bin -c boot/boot.catalog boot1" > 1.mkisofs_opts
 <       cp disks-2.88/resc*.bin  $CDDIR/install ; \
 <       cp linux  $CDDIR/install ; \
 <       cp disks-1.44/root.bin $CDDIR/install )
 >       cp resc*.bin linux root.bin $CDDIR/install )
 < #cp $CDDIR/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/resc2880.bin boot1/boot
 < cp $CDDIR/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/disks-2.88/rescue.bin
 > cp $CDDIR/dists/$CODENAME/main/disks-$ARCH/current/resc2880.bin      

Additionally in the Makefile, around line 370, where it reads:

disks: ok bin-infos $(BDIR)/1/dists/$(CODENAME)/main/disks-$(ARCH)

This section of the make file copies ALL of the boot disks in
the archive to the temporary tree, and then tries to remove the
ones that are NOT the ones pointed to by the 'current' link.
It does not work properly when there are multiple copies of the
boot disks in the archive.

I have not yet been astute enough to figure out why.  
So I simply moved the old bootdisks out of my
source archive, and then debian-cd (yacs) again made usable,
and bootable images.

I will stare at that section of the Makefile again tomorrow, and
see if it makes more sence then...


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>
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