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RE: CD images appearing (except sparc :-[ )

On 18-Dec-1999 Philip Hands wrote:
> The i386 images are now available from cdimage.debian.org.
<snip, snip>
> For those of you interested in building your own CDs, I'd like to
> point out that for some reason slink_cd was not putting vflib2 on the
> first CD.  I'm not sure why this is, but I worked round it by adding
> vflib2 to the ``useful'' file.

Additionally one needs to use the 'master' file from the new 
boot-floppies package (2.1.12); and remove the 'project' 
directories from both the binary and source trees or the #2 and 
#4 images will be over 700M. AFAIK.

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