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CD images appearing (except sparc :-[ )

The i386 images are now available from cdimage.debian.org.

The alpha and m68k ones should build in the next hour (but if they
fail I won't be able to do much about it for about 20 hours).  They
should probably not be considered ``official'' until signed MD5SUMS
appear, which should be some time tomorrow.

=-=-=<SPARC failure>=-=-=

  The sparc ones cannot be built at present because lprng depends upon
  a version of libncurses4 (>= 4.2-3.1) that only exists in potato.

  This is pretty poor IMO.  How difficult is it to check that a
  package's dependencies are satisfied before moving it from
  proposed-updates to stable?  It's not as though it's not happened

  Is there any likelihood of this being sorted out this time (unlike
  the 2.1_r2 --> 2.1_r3 version of this cockup which was never
  resolved AFAIK)?

  If this is fixed by someone, be sure to mail me direct so that I can
  actually build the CDs.  I will not be checking to see if it's been
  fixed, so if you don't tell me, they won't get built.


For those of you interested in building your own CDs, I'd like to
point out that for some reason slink_cd was not putting vflib2 on the
first CD.  I'm not sure why this is, but I worked round it by adding
vflib2 to the ``useful'' file.

Cheers, Phil.
P.S. please only follow up to one list.
BTW I don't read debian-sparc, so Cc: me if that's the list you follow
up to, and you think I'll be interested.
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