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Re: yacs - make

On 20-Oct-99 Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> make status does generate a new status file automatically. But
> it may be inconsistent, that's why you need make correctstatus.
> make potato_status does use the provided status file.

Humm, so fyi, I just added this to my version of build_all.sh

replace:         make ${CODENAME}_status

with    echo " make status"
        make status
        if [ $? -gt 0 ] ; then
                echo "#"
                echo "### make status failed..."
                echo "### doing make correctstatus "
                echo "#"
                make correctstatus
                make correctstatus
                make correctstatus
                make correctstatus
                make correctstatus
                echo "### if it aint clean by now...tough!"

unfortunately it does not error-out if correct status does
not finish successfully.  Under todays "potato" archive, it DOES
finish successfully for all but the powerpc arch...

ie for powerpc the errors are:

Sorry, but the following packages have unmet dependencies:
  at: Depends: libelfg0 but it is not installed
  g++: Depends: libstdc++2.10-dev (>= 1:2.95.1) but it is not installed
  libpam-modules: Depends: libdb2 (>= 2.3.16) but it is not installed
  make: Depends: libelfg0 but it is not installed
  perl-5.004-doc: Conflicts: perl-doc
  perl-5.005-base: Conflicts: perl but 5.004.05-2 is installed
  perl-5.005-doc: Conflicts: perl-doc

This is probably because the archive is inconsistant.  liblefg0 is
in the archive.  I havent figured this one out yet.


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