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bootdisk: root.bin gzipped on CDs.

reassign 43058 debian-cd

> We had the standard Debian CDs and after problems with boot floppies
> (described in another bug report), we decided to use the "boot from DOS harddisk"
> method.
> I copied the necessary files from the install directory to dos partition,
> booted into MS-DOS and run loadlin appropriately. After loading,
> the kernel halted with the error message that it can't mount the specified
> root partition.
> The problem was that the root.bin as supplied in the directory was gzipped
> but the loadlin did not decompress it automatically. While we were able to
> find out and ungzip it manually, I think it would be enormous problem for casual
> user who expects the "ready to go" installation procedure.
> I am not sure if this is already fixed but I thought you might like to look
> at it and at least note it in the docs before the potato release.
This is a good point.  However, boot-floppies does not supply root.bin
gzip'd, so this must be a debian-cd bug rather than a boot-floppies

I've reassigned this bug to debian-cd.
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