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sendmail and alpha build problems

Apparently, a potato built sendmail has been slated for install on the
alpha slink update cd.

I don't know how this happened, nor is there much I can do about it ;-{

The alternatives seem to be:
  rebuild that version of sendmail on an alpha slink system,
  build sendmail-8.9.3-5 (from http://master.debian.org/~cowboy/sendmail/slink)
  on an alpha system.

the -3 and below versions have had problems wrt nscd, db2, etc. on non-i386
systems (and indeed on potato-i386 w/nscd and db2.6).

the -5 (the same as the recently released -6 for i386) solves most of that
by using the libc version of db2!  but, it hasn't had the testing and usage
that prior version have.

Sorry for the delay in answering, let me know if there is anything I can
do to help this (or prevent it from happening again).
Rick Nelson
Trying hard to return to a quasi-normal life

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