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Prices for licenses


I've read on your web page the information, that everybody has the
license to create an own CD with components of DEBIAN LINUX without any

I will do a similiar thing, and I want to get the information, whether I
can do this also without any costs:

we want to develop a high sophisticated communication product based on
LINUX. Therefore we need the following components included:

- WEB-server /FTP-server
- network protocols as TCP/IP, IPX, NETBEUI
- a database (similiar to MS-ACCESS)
- remote administration for this system via ISDN

So I need the following informations:
- which components do I need?
- what is the price for one license, when I produce some hundreds or
thousands of such products?

I'm looking forward for your answer.

Best regards

Eleonore Borchert
Dipl.-Inform. (FH)

EMAIL: EBorchert@odn.de
Tel.: 0911/9 60 89 42
Fax:  0911/9 60 89 41

Address: Geisleithenstr. 48
         90513 Zirndorf

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