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Re: Prices for licenses

On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Eleonore Borchert wrote:

> Hello,
> I've read on your web page the information, that everybody has the
> license to create an own CD with components of DEBIAN LINUX without any
> costs.
> I will do a similiar thing, and I want to get the information, whether I
> can do this also without any costs:
> we want to develop a high sophisticated communication product based on
> LINUX. Therefore we need the following components included:
> - WEB-server /FTP-server
Apache and wuftpd/proftpd/some others

> - network protocols as TCP/IP, IPX, NETBEUI
Kernel supports this + some configuration programs

> - a database (similiar to MS-ACCESS)
several options (SQL and other)

> - remote administration for this system via ISDN
(almost) all isdn cards are fully supported (dialin/out/back/... everything is
possible). There is no difference at all between local and remote access (but
remote access will be "slightly" slower of course).

> So I need the following informations:
> - which components do I need?
See above 

> - what is the price for one license, when I produce some hundreds or
> thousands of such products?
Nothing at all, except maybe you have to pay for some of the advanced database
programs (but I can't tell you more about that; besides you will have to pay
the original authors and not Debian). 

Basically, if you're new to Linux, just buy a set of CDs and play around with
it. All programs that can be distributed and used for free are on the CDs,
this includes everything mentioned above. The database programs you have to
pay for are not on the CDs, but you can download these from the Debian FTP

  Anne Bezemer

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