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Re: Yacs

Le Mon, Aug 30, 1999 at 05:22:09AM +1200, Philip Charles écrivait:
> The CDs are quite different to those produced by slink-cd and quite an
> improvement from my point of view.  I notice that packages that are
> "recommended" and "suggested" are also included on a CD as well as
> "depends".  This removes the need for most of my local fs.


> Despite having the correct dpkg-dev installed, I still get the error
> "dpkg-scansources: command not found",  however, the source trees are
> still produced.

Do you have a /usr/bin/dpkg-scansources file ? I really can't
understand that since /usr/bin/ is certainly in the PATH (otherwise
apt or dpkg-scanpackages wouldn't be found too). The other solution is 
that dpkg-scansources calls a missing interpreter but if you
don't have /usr/bin/perl then YACS wouldn't work at all ...

> I have also had a look at producing potato trees and the results are very
> small - I suspect that the symlinks need to be flattened.  Is there a
> "flatten" cammand anywhere?

No. When a file has to be included, the perl code looks if it's a link or
a file and read the link and make a hard link on the real file. However
the code is a bit tricky and there may be problems ... but I don't think
that it's your problem here.

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