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Re: sunsite.org.uk - rsync access to cd-images

> > >Another question: does rsync patch in-place or does it make a temporary
> > >patched file (thus requiring twice the disk space)?
> > 
> > It patches in-place.

No it doesn't --- it creates a file ``.<filename>.<pid-based-divel>'' and then 
moves it in place when finished.

You can tell it what to do about partial transfers using comand line options.

You need enough room spare to have two copies of the largest file you're 

Other than that, the ``cat all the files together'' approach is a great idea, 
and should work well.  It should work reasonably well even if you get the 
order wrong, since rsync can find out-of-order blocks and put them in the 
right place.
If we could make all the files multiples of 2K, and tell rsync to use that as 
it's block size, it might turn out that the order makes little difference 
(apart from adding some processor overhead, maybe)

Cheers, Phil.

P.S.  open.hands.com (aka cdimage.d.o) was off the air since Sunday, because 
its CPU heatsink fan broke, and it crashed.  Should be OK again now.

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