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Re: mirror questions

I include a local fs on my discs.  This is added to the tree before I burn
the discs with a mkhybrid | cdrecord pipe.  When it comes to an install
dselect picks up the local fs with no problems.

As I only have about 15 packages in the local fs I build the Packages file

Hope this helps.


On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Filip Van Raemdonck wrote:

> Ok, here's my problem.
> I'm running a few slink systems. I have a large amount of
> local/localized packages lying around, and I was hoping to make a cd set
> of it, merging them into the main archive. I've experimented with yacs
> (0.3) a bit, and here's what I've gotten so far:
> The Packages.gz from the old archive isn't useful anymore. I tried
> creating a new one with dpkg-scanpackages, but this gives a hard time as
> I don't have an override file for it. Now a lot of packages don't have a
> priority field, and as a result these all get priority optional. So
> 'make mirrorcheck' ran fine... while a lot of the standard packages
> weren't even there actually... I also tried making my own one manually,
> working several hours on it, but there's really too much packages in
> there, it would take weeks to write it entirely.
> Does someone know how to fix this?
> Thanks...
> Filip Van Raemdonck
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