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mirror questions

Ok, here's my problem.

I'm running a few slink systems. I have a large amount of
local/localized packages lying around, and I was hoping to make a cd set
of it, merging them into the main archive. I've experimented with yacs
(0.3) a bit, and here's what I've gotten so far:

The Packages.gz from the old archive isn't useful anymore. I tried
creating a new one with dpkg-scanpackages, but this gives a hard time as
I don't have an override file for it. Now a lot of packages don't have a
priority field, and as a result these all get priority optional. So
'make mirrorcheck' ran fine... while a lot of the standard packages
weren't even there actually... I also tried making my own one manually,
working several hours on it, but there's really too much packages in
there, it would take weeks to write it entirely.

Does someone know how to fix this?


Filip Van Raemdonck

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