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Re: YACS 0.3 is available => debian-cd ?

Le Fri, Jul 30, 1999 at 03:55:10AM -0700, Jim Westveer écrivait:
> - yacs is a fine name you should keep it.  

:) There are far too many projects starting with YA... 

> - debian-cd already exists in cvs.

OK, in fact, it depends if Steve is going to work on slink_cd to adapt it
for potato. I suggested to use YACS and enhance YACS for whatever is
needed so that we can forget about the old debian-cd ... because this
(old) package is useless in the Debian archive (it does only build hamm

I suppose that we could remove it from the CVS area if we want.

> - potato is not frozen, and has no useable boot disks, so it
>   would be hard to test the images that yacs creates.

Actually YACS does manage the symbolic link for the disk-$ARCH stuff and
uses the boot disks from slink ...

> - yacs depends on 'as yet not available code', (apt) 
>   it would make it kinda hard to package .. eh?

A new apt has been uploaded today or yesterday I think.

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