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Re: What has happened.

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, jim westveer wrote:

> > How do we do quality checking with images? Do we want to send some
> > BETA images to a team of testers? It seems that though the freeze 
> period of
> > slink was rather long, some bugs still slipped through.
> Yea that was a long thread....I offered to make a handful (10 or so)
> beta CD's for who-ever is on the testing team, and suggested if others
> would do a few, we could perhaps solve the problem of getting
> beta images to the testers.  Although I think it is a good idea,
> I would not know to whom I would send anything to...perhaps I should
> write the "testing" mail list, and bring up the subject again.

I believe this is where I chime in.  I can round up some testers for you
guys if/when you are ready with some cd's.  Dale used to do this in the
past and the results were pretty good.


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