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Re: What has happened.

On 7/7/99, 2:57:08 AM, Brandon Mitchell <bmitch@surfree.com> wrote 
regarding Re: What has happened.:

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> > Yea that was a long thread....I offered to make a handful (10 or so)
> > beta CD's for who-ever is on the testing team, and suggested if others
> > would do a few, we could perhaps solve the problem of getting
> > beta images to the testers.  Although I think it is a good idea,
> > I would not know to whom I would send anything to...perhaps I should
> > write the "testing" mail list, and bring up the subject again.

> I believe this is where I chime in.  I can round up some testers for 
> guys if/when you are ready with some cd's.  Dale used to do this in 
> past and the results were pretty good.

> Brandon


If you can come up with names/addresses of who would be interested
that would be a great help.  I think we can get our act together
BEFORE we get to the freeze, things will go smothly.

As you can tell from the recient posts....potato CD's are still a 
long way in the future.....  


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>

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Fair enough, it looks like it's going to be a good day.
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