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Re: Ideas

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Thu, Jul 01, 1999 at 11:55:45PM +0200, Martin Schulze écrivait:
> > I would appreciate if I - as the current maintainer and quartor-author
> > of dpkg-multicd - would be informed before something is done.  Thanks!
> > 
> > Apart from that, this is the wrong way - imho.  Please put the .cd files
> > on all disks.  If people don't like multicd they can still use the
> > regular cdrom method and use the regular Packages files.
> AFAIK, the .cd file is on all cd but only contains the Packages
> information for the CD itself and any preceding CD :

I don't see the benefit to hide packages for users.

> CD 1 lists packages on CD 1
> CD 2 lists packages on CD 1 & 2
> CD 3 lists packages on CD 1 & 2 & 3
> This has been done so that one can use a CD set with non-free by simply
> putting the non-free CD as the last CD instead of the second one ...

So what?  Placing the .cd files on all cd's one can simply use the
first CD.  If one doesn't want non-free software, one may not use a
cd set coming with non-fres software.

If one got a set with non-free and doesn't want it, well, he's in
trouble if non-free is not on a single cd.  However this can be fixed
quite easy if dpkg-multicd won't simply use directories but ask for
confirmation every time.  Remember that hitting enter 4 times is less
confusing than using the "wrong" cd and not being able to install what
one wants.



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