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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

> On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Philip Charles wrote:
> > I suggest that we consider biting the bullet and produce such a CD
> > complete with mindless (oops, easy) install and configuration.  This CD
> > should be completely compatible with the normal distribution CDs which
> > would mean that people could migrate to this when they were ready.

Under the assumption that a good implementation of configuration
management is in the future, it could be as easy as distributing a
configuration database with good defaults.  

Another solution would be distributing an image of a decent installation
with a script that fixes the hostname, ip, set some passwords, etc.  The
script that sets that info would be useful to people who do massive lab

The final solution would be a live cd.  Being able to search the local
harddrives in order to automatically setting up passwords, home
directories, and other configuration type areas would be nice.  I.e. the
first time you boot with a live cd, it prompts you for the location of
saved data.  You could select one of your hd's, a specific directory on a
hd, nfs, or ram.  Then, you can easily have home, etc, and var on a
loopback mount or with some symlinks. 

I'm sure most of this has been done before, just not officially by debian.


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