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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Thomas Schoepf wrote:

> On Sat, 19 Jun 1999, Philip Charles wrote:
> > I suggest that we consider biting the bullet and produce such a CD
> > complete with mindless (oops, easy) install and configuration.  This CD
> > should be completely compatible with the normal distribution CDs which
> > would mean that people could migrate to this when they were ready.
> Isn't that (roughly) what the Corel Debian Linux distribution will be?
> Easy installation for the first time user and after becoming familiar
> everyone is welcomed to switch to the "real" Debian GNU/Linux? ;-)
Could be, but I do have some reservations.  My vision would be that
someone who has installed the "entry level" system would just insert the
standard CDs and go from there.  Corel may not build this facility into
their system.  Corel may also build propritory software into their discs. 
Having said this, the Corel discs may well be a starting point and
anything they produce cannot help being better than the rpm based

debian_cd is now close to being a very generalised CD construction kit and
I use it as such for custom CDs.  I haven't worked with boot-disks, but
what I have seen suggests that the same could be done with them for an
"entry level" CD.  The more people that produce such discs the better as
far as I am concerned, provided that these link into the "real" Debian


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