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Re: Subtle changes to debian-cd

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, jim westveer wrote:

> How's it goin down under ??

Got a few days to play.  Depths of winter.
> A couple of days ago, I started running debian_cd along with
> slink_cd on my nightly cron job.  I have debian_cd making
> cd 1 & 2 of i386 for both potato and slink, and the slink images
> made with debian_cd and slink_cd are identical in size 
> (within a couple of k).

I must do a comparison of the trees and see if I can trace the difference.

> When I get a chance, I will burn one, and try an install
> (copius free time like disk space, is at a shortage lately)

I've been playing with other distribs and im(not)ho we do a better job on
the discs.

Must see if I can do that massive butcher of debian_cd in the next few


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