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Re: Slink-CD (Part III)

On Apr 13, Christian Steigies wrote:
> I can look into zip/zoo/lh (lh is a free lha extractor AFAIR, would that be
> ok? Well, no source, I guess... but this is amiga).

I think many here wouldn't be satisified unless we get a DFSG-free
unarchiver.  [Notice how everyone who'd have to do the work doesn't
fit in that camp ;-)]

> I can also look into the selfextracting lha thingy for amiga. I think the
> file would then contain the lha extracting code, you can still list and
> extract it with any lha. But to get these files on the debian CD the CD 
> people still need lha...

And a self-extracting lha'er is probably even less free than the Unix
lha (which apparently isn't free only because nobody can read the damn
Japanese copyright on it...).  Or maybe it's the patent issues.  I
don't really care. ;-)

I still think a UnTGZ hack is the best way to go if we're dropping
lha.  All we really need is a hardcoded script (for Amiga weenies at
least).  If I could be bothered to make sure my Amiga compiling setup
still works, or get the ADE cross-compiler running here (I know Geert
ported it to work under libc5), I could probably hack something
together... someone's already done most of the work (the PPC UnTGZ I
referred to before, which I assume--probably wrongly--is DFSG-free).

In any event, this ain't happening from my perspective until mid-May.
End of semester crapola is piling up, not to mention other commitments
that have just landed on my lap.

> We should start with the elections now, otherwise I do not see
> potato CDs for m68k. I will _not_ candidate...

I suppose that makes me the volunteer by default... :p

Anyway, enough blabbing, I need to get off my butt and transfer stuff
to the Amiga (and hopefully get it running APUS or m68k tonight... I
know it will do m68k in about 20 seconds, the APUS part is the hard
one :=).

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