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Re: pkg-order Packages-main.1 fails because packages conflict

On Feb 25, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> On Feb 25, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> > The conflicts should not cause a failure. Your output looks very similar
> > to Jim's - check further up and you may see a message complaining that
> > ncpfs needs ipx. If so, that's your problem. Add ipx to slink1.useful and
> > go again.
> Well, I didn't get any such message (I think it's losing all of the
> Failed and Unknown lines... no doubt something in my Perl installation
> is broken).  But I've added ipx manually to slink1.useful.
> Anyway, I'll revert to the slink version of pkg-order and try again.

Reverting to pkg-order 1.02 solved the problem; I have 6 missing
packages (well, 5, now that I fixed the ipx thing):

   Package: gimp
   Package: gnurobots
   Package: moonlight
      mesag2(>= 2.6)
   Package: ncpfs
   Package: scwm
   Package: wine-doc

Can someone explain why gimp depends on slang0.99.38 on m68k (but
slang1 on i386)?  Sounds like m68k needs a rebuild of gimp.

libguile2 seems to be completely missing on m68k, yet somehow we
managed to build two programs that depend on it: go figure.  Maybe it
accidentally got dumped into potato only.

There was some discussion of the moonlight issue on the m68k-build
list (I don't know what the consensus was on that); it looks here like
an out-of-date library situation again.

Wine is an oversight on my part; consider it gone.

I'll report anything else I find after running the full Packages
file through pkg-order...

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