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Re: pkg-order Packages-main.1 fails because packages conflict

On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Chris Lawrence wrote:

>The pkg-order step in the new slink_cd scripts fails because some of
>the packages on Disc 1 conflict with each other on m68k.  Are you
>using a different version (I have pkg-order 1.04)?

No, as far as I know I'm using the same version. I can't say for definite
until I'm in work, though...

>Attached is the pkg-order output; I have no idea what the deal is with
>the "Unknown:" line...

The conflicts should not cause a failure. Your output looks very similar
to Jim's - check further up and you may see a message complaining that
ncpfs needs ipx. If so, that's your problem. Add ipx to slink1.useful and
go again.

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