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Re: 2.1 CD's for the linuxworld expo

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

>Previously Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> Dunno. Wichert?
>Soon. LSL is donating 500 CD's already, which we can probably use for
>the first day (and maybe have a couple left for the second day). This
>means that Cheapbytes will need the images tomorrow (thursday) in order
>to have CD's on tuesday.
>I just noticed a new boot-floppies upload which fixes a couple of major
>bugs. Would it be possible to create a new CD using that as well as
>everything else that is current in Incoming and make an image? 

I don't know about all the Incoming stuff, but the new boot-floppies is
what we were worrying about. 2.1.7 doesn't work well for more than one CD,
so 2.1.8 is definitely needed really...

>I'll ask cheapbytes what kind of CD they want to make (single or double). 

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