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Re: slink_cd v 1.07 out

On 24 Feb 1999, John Lapeyre wrote:

>	Hi,  I am trying slink_cd 1.07 and have several problems. 

OK, fire away.

>	image1  does not seem to work.  It still trys to build all images.
>	changing DISKLIST by hand in the script takes care of most of this.

Really, what errors are you seeing? If it's a complain about missing volid
files, don't worry. It's a bug, but a non-serious one. Ah, or are you just
noticing it's building trees for the others too? What command-line are you

>	Only Packages-contrib.2 is non-empty , other images are created,
>but the packages are missing.  Eg, on disk 1, utils and docs and
>disks-i386 are all there, but the sections in main are all missing.  Its
>not clear which options I should give.  I think this may still be my
>fault. (btw I am not trying a simlink farm.)  I just tried adding
>'genlist', and now some debs are put on the first cd.  But is genlist
>supposed to be used only with the standalone cd ?  I want to build just
>the normal first cd. 

You should run the genlist step to make _any_ binary CDs, unless you want
to supply the complete list of packages yourself. Perhaps I should
document this better, it was not always the case.

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